DGM Dressing Room au!Lavi!

This Lavi is from a private RP of mine and a Kanda-mun floating around in the LJ world. Same world and setting as the canon, but with a story that steers off-track after the Krory-retrieval arc and with some alterations in the incidents before that, and of Kanda's past. They're twenty years in current RP time. Oh, and he and Kanda are lovers in this verse~

/copypasta'd from his intro post in the DR. I'll write up a more proper one eventually. 8D

How's My Driving

Lavi's not an easy character, so if you feel that I'm doing something wrong, do tell. xD Praise and the like is totally cool as well~ And, uhm, tell me which Lavi you're talking about because I've got a few and they're at least vaguely different, yeah.

Posts for plottage reasons work here too.

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